Take control of your Bitcoin SV

No other wallet gives you control of your bitcoin, like ElectrumSV does. A lot of people are saying that it is the best wallet for Bitcoin SV. You can get the latest version which is available for Windows and MacOS from our downloads section. Or if you're more technically inclined, you can run from source code whether out of preference or because you're using Linux.

A screenshot of the wallet selection screen of the wallet wizard.

The ElectrumSV wallet window.

The keys that provide control of your bitcoin are encrypted and password protected.
Obtain and pay invoices from a range of compatible services including Anypay and Centi. The BIP270 protocol allows users to copy a payment URL or scan a QR code, and by providing it to ElectrumSV streamlining payment.
Place bitcoin under the control of multiple people, where a number of those people are required to sign off together on any spending. ElectrumSV is one of the few wallets that supports multi-signature payments.
Latest Update
Need help?
Please talk to us first to confirm your coins are lost or stolen if you are not sure.
What changed in ElectrumSV 1.4.0b1?
This pre-release beta test update includes a variety of bug fixes and improvements. Read this illustrated overview to find out more.
ElectrumSV node 0.0.23
A new release of the ElectrumSV node project including Bitcoin SV node v1.0.8.

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