Bitcoin SV only

The only Bitcoin that follows the whitepaper and values being stable and non-experimental, ElectrumSV naturally builds on it.

Desktop only

ElectrumSV is focusing on being the best desktop wallet. Let's face it, there are plenty of great mobile wallets already available.


An SPV wallet only downloads the few pieces of the blockchain that are actually required to verify and secure your payments.

Coin splitting

Following the split from Bitcoin Cash, users who want a safe way to separate their Bitcoin SV, can use ElectrumSV to do so.


Each wallet can and should have the private key it manages encrypted with a well chosen password.

Open source

Licensed under the MIT open-source license, the wallet source code can be obtained from our Github repository.

Hardware wallets

A range of hardware wallets are supported including KeepKey, Ledger and Trezor.

Back in 2011, Thomas Voegtlin created Electrum, a popular and commonly used wallet for Bitcoin Core. ElectrumSV is building on that good work, both providing the same useful set of core features everyone knows the Electrum wallet family for, on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, and also extending and improving it.

Behind the ElectrumSV wallet are the well known developers Neil Booth (kyuupichan) and Roger Taylor (rt121212121), both of whom have contributed to the Electron Cash wallet project, Neil also having created the ElectrumX server software which is used almost exclusively by all Electrum-based wallets.

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All downloads are signed by one or more of the developers, usually the MacOS download by kyuupichan, and usually the remaining downloads by rt121212121. Public keys can be obtained from the github repository, and signatures from the respective download directory for the given release. SHA256 checksums for all files are available from our Github repo, within build-hashes.txt. We intentionally do not link to this file, or publish it on this web site. Release notes are also available from the github repository.